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Via Alexis Hayder’s Liberian Living blog, a snapshot of a street market in Monrovia:

Read the post that goes with the photo here.

From the looks of it, I see 3 different kinds of eggplants, okra, chilis, squash and a number of things I can’t identify. Of course, if none of these thins tickle your fancy (and you can afford it), you can apparently also get sushi or Lebanese food over there. Who woulda thunk it?

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These two paintings are from Olechko, a cool blog I just came across through Global Voices Online – which I also highly recommend for anyone wondering about what the world outside the U.S. is blogging about.

Anyhow, this is pretty hardcore. Seriously, it’s got to be freezing in the Ukraine around this time of year. But that isn’t stopping some enterprising people from bringing what their garden produces into the city for some extra income. Looks like a pretty decent haul for the dead of winter – leeks, daikon and some root vegetables.

That said, I still feel very lucky to be living in San Francisco, the land of inexhaustible food and dining options.

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In case you were wondering where all those frozen French fries came from...click on the row of potatoes to advance to the next frame.

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